Tweezerman Sole Mate Dual Sided Foot File

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For Expert Pedicure Maintenance
The Tweezerman Sole Mates Dual Sided Foot File features two specialised tools for expert pedicure maintenance: a stainless steel Micro-File which gently removes calluses and rough dead skin off your feet, and a Finishing File which buffs the skin to a soft, touchable, smooth finish. The sleek, high-quality magnetic design seamlessly holds both parts of this foot file together making it ideal for home and travel. Plus the no mess compartment on the Micro-File catches shavings and empties easily.
How To Use:
  • For use on dry or dampened calluses and rough skin. Start by separating the two sides of the foot file, then securely hold the micro-file, press gently against skin and glide around the contours of the foot. Work on the thickest areas of dead skin build-up or calluses first and slide the tool back and forth to lightly remove thin layers of dead skin only. Be careful not to over-file or file live skin. Follow-up with the fine quality finishing file to buff newly revealed fresh skin to a silky-smooth feel. After use, wash foot file in warm, soapy water, air-dry and partner again for portable, hygienic storage.

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